CashNote App™

Easily track customer pre-pay balances and offer rewards.

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App Screens

Click the menu and visit settings

Enter your business name and email. These will be used when emailing transaction receipts to your customers. The pre-pay amount for rewards is the amount customers need to pre-pay in order to receive a free reward from your business.  

Home page options

Add new customers to your app by clicking “Add” in the upper right corner. Once you have added a customer you can type a few letters of the name and the app will search for the customer. Matching customers will appear below the search bar.

Add customer dialogue

Add new customers by clicking “Add” in the upper right corner. You will be prompted to enter the customer’s name, email address and balance. The balance is collected manually at the point of sale and entered into the app. CashNote App does not currently process payments, although this feature may be added in the near future.  

Customer search process

You can enter a few letters of the customers name and the app will begin searching for matching customers. Matching customers will appear in a list below the search bar. You can access customer balance details by clicking on the customer in the list. The email address can be used to distinguish between customers with the same name.

Customer balance redemption and refill

From the customer detail page, you can easily redeem funds, add new funds and redeem free rewards. Every transaction is recorded and can be emailed to the customer. You must setup your email client on your device in order to send email receipts.

Balances will not go negative and the difference owed will be displayed in a pop-up window. The transaction list can be deleted after the balance returns to 0.

The customer email can be edited from this page. The customer can also be deleted. 


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