DigiByte Pay for WooCommerce

Easily accept DigiByte payments from your WooCommerce powered shop.

Customer Screens

Customer Selects DigiByte Pay Payment Method at Checkout

Your customers will complete their order information. Then select their preferred payment method at checkout. If DigiByte Pay is enabled, your customers will see the payment method at checkout.

Customer Clicks the Pay Button Which Triggers the QR Code Modal Window

After clicking “Place order,” your customer will then be directed to Pay for the order. Clicking the “Pay” button will activate the payment window with the QR Code.

Customer Scans QR Code With Their DigiByte Wallet To Pay

Your customer’s DigiByte wallet will fill with the amount and address to pay. The plugin automatically checks to see if payment has been sent. When payment is confirmed the customer is sent to the Order Received page.

Customer Order Details

Your customers can review their transaction details after successful payment.

Administrator Screens

Plugin Installation and Activation

After installing the plugin, make sure it is Activated. Once Activated click on the “Settings” link under the DigiByte Pay for WooCommerce heading.

Enable as a Payment Method in WooCommerce

In WooCommerce under the “Payments” tab, toggle DigiByte Pay to Enabled. Once DigiByte Pay is enabled, your customers will see the payment method at checkout provided you have entered a DigiByte address for receiving payments. Click Save Changes.

Enter Your “D” prefixed DigiByte Address to Get Paid 

You will receive DigiByte deposits to the address you specify in the settings. Ensure you have copied and pasted a DigiByte address with the correct format. Click Save Changes.

Orders List and Status Settings

The “Orders” list contains unique information related to DigiByte payments. From this panel you have access to transitory addresses and private key information. This data can help you facilitate refunds in the event of a failed transaction.

Changing Status and Accessing Order Notes

Every transaction will be received in your admin panel with a status of “Processing”. You can change the order status here after you ensure successful payment or processed for shipping. The “Order Notes” also show details regarding the transitory address and private key for that transaction. This information can assist with refunds or accessing stuck transactions in the event of an error.

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