DigiCafe Web Dashboard

Easily track DigiCafe sales and download reports to CSV.
Dashboard Login

Dashboard Screens

Account Creation and Login

Create your DigiCafe dashboard account with an email and password. You will be automatically logged in after account creation. Once your account is created your settings will propagate to your mobile app once logged in on the DigiCafe app. 

Profile Settings

Your profile settings may already be present if you first connected through your DigiCafe app. If you connect to the dashboard first, your settings will also synchronize when you login to the mobile app.

Dashboard Home Page

Your dashboard home page provides simple sales stats from your connected DigiCafe mobile app and DigiByte market data. The transaction IDs in the list are also hyperlinked to the block explorer for further details.

Transaction Detail Page

You can view transaction details by clicking on a transaction list item. There is also an option to input a customer’s DigiByte refund address for easy QR code generation in the event a refund needs to be processed remotely. The transaction can also be deleted here by clicking the trash icon.

Password Recovery Email

You can easily reset your password if forgotten. A password recovery email will be sent where you can create a new password.

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