foxTIDE Mobile Point of Sale

foxTIDE converts digital asset market rates in 30 currencies with zero additional fees. foxTIDE also handles transactions nearly instantly, even for Bitcoin. Deep integration with SFOX Exchange facilitates automatic liquidation of your digital payments for cash. foxTIDE does not charge any transaction fees and works on the devices you already have, IOS and Android.




Global Reach

Our integration with SFOX Exchange facilitates seamless liquidation of your digital payments for cash. An SFOX Exchange account is required to operate foxTIDE.

Accept more payment methods from your customers and save with lower fees than credit cards. Automatically sell digital coin and token payments for cash reducing your volatility risk. foxTIDE works on the mobile devices you already have, no hardware investments.


SFOX Required

foxTIDE utilizes your SFOX Exchange account to process sell orders and hold your digital assets. Digital asset liquidity provided by SFOX dramatically lowers your risk of price volatility as a merchant.

When setting up your foxTIDE mobile POS, simply copy your API key from SFOX and paste it into the foxTIDE settings. The foxTIDE app will automatically connect to SFOX and fetch your crypto addresses.

foxTIDE stores your SFOX API key using the AES256 bit encryption standard. 


Getting Started
  • Before you set up foxTIDE, you must have an SFOX Exchange account.
  • After setting up an SFOX account, download foxTIDE for Android or save the PWA for IOS.
Start With SFOX
  1. You will need to have an account with SFOX in order to use foxTIDE. Sign up for an account here:
  2. Once your account is approved, you will need to access your API Key in the SFOX side menu.
  3. Click “API Keys”

  1. Click “New API Key”
  2. Your Key will only show once. If you close the page you will not be able to copy the Key. If this happens you must generate a new Key.
  3. Copy your Key, then paste it into the correct settings in foxTIDE (SFOX API Key setting).
  4. foxTIDE will automatically fetch your SFOX Deposit addresses.
  5. Once this is complete, you can begin using the point of sale


Auto Sell

bitTIDE has the ability to automatically place sell orders after your transactions are processed. This option will sell your digital assets at market rates and provide conversion to cash. You can withdraw your USD balance in Bittrex to your connected bank account.

Holding Coins

When the auto sell feature is off, you coins will be deposited into your SFOX account and held there. There is also an option to sell your coins manually at any time.

Currently Accepted Coins

foxTIDE currently accepts the following digital assets:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
Processing Time

foxTIDE processes transactions nearly instantly for every asset. Traditionally some coins take longer to confirm than others, however foxTIDE can provide a transaction number and confirm the amount sent nearly instantly, even for Bitcoin transactions.

Customer Receipts

Yes, you can send your customers receipts by email after each successful transaction.