Money Transmission Statement

DigiByte Pay, LLC built the DigiCafe app as a Free app. This (SERVICE) is provided by DigiByte Pay, LLC at no cost and is intended for use as is.

DigiByte Pay products are designed to remain out of the flow of funds. All transactions are broadcast from the customer’s digital currency wallet directly to the receiving party’s deposit address.

¬†Users can store a preferred address in the app settings in the case of DigiCafe. In other apps like bitTIDE, the receiving addresses are pulled in from an exchange using the user’s own API keys. These API keys are stored by DigiByte Pay using AES256 encryption.

The DigiByte Pay apps act as a tool to calculate price conversion in multiple currencies, and verify that a payment of the correct value has been sent and received. This is possible without being in the flow of funds due to the public nature of blockchain transactions. DigiByte Pay uses events on the public ledger to verify transactions in near real-time.

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